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Author Topic: 13x19 paper for color  (Read 2028 times)


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13x19 paper for color
« on: February 01, 2007, 07:18:34 am »

Reading "Digital Restoration from Start to Finish" by Ctein. Thanks for recommending the book, Michael - the timing is perfect.  Pictures, slides and negatives taken by me and friends and family over 40 years in many ways resemble those shown as examples in Ctein's book. My intent is to print selected color images to 13x19 size to give away- In the short time I have worked with the HP9180 we are happy with the prints made on the HP Advanced Satin Matt paper and have decided to standardize on this paper. Accordingly it seems worthwhile to purchase a custom profile for that paper to get the most/best color on the page. Although I will continue to use and evaluate different paper to print color, maybe certain images look better with specific paper.

Hoping to read about your experiences regarding the differences between the papers which you have custom printer profiles for and are satisfied printing color with the HP 9180 at 13x19.

My pictures are simple, they are about people going through life at various stages although landscapes, sun sets, abstract, still life, bugs, moose, castles and other tourist are part of my analog collection which is wwwaaayyybigger than my digital pictures in Light Room - but - digital images also prints on the HP9180 usually 8x10.

Great hobby - Conrad
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