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Author Topic: Shooting Paintings with Strobes and Polarizing Filters  (Read 184 times)


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Shooting Paintings with Strobes and Polarizing Filters
« on: June 25, 2024, 09:50:55 am »

Hello lighting experts,

I just set up a room for shooting flat artwork and will be working on this set up for the next month. I do my own printing.

I have just gotten a set of 750 ws Bowens mono lights very cheap from a friend that are totally new and have never been used. They work perfectly at 1/8 power in this set up ( iso 125 ,  f11 ) using white umbrellas for the first tests. I will be using medium soft boxes with a Fuji GFX 100 in the final set up.

I’ll also be using the x- rite color checker chart and Lightroom plug in for color matching.

I realize I’ll need to polarize the light for shiny paintings and works with dimensional brush strokes.

My question is : if I put the polarizer filter on the lens and pola screen inside the soft boxes will it do the job? I mean if using soft boxes and/ or umbrellas?

Also if anyone else is using strobes for professional level painting reproduction I’d appreciate any other pointers from experience. I’ve only done this with hot lights and led banks in the past. I plan on using a 100 mm and 80 mm Zeiss Hasselblad lens on the GFX.

I’m also wondering if creating hdr files with three raw  exposures and blending them in Lightroom is a good or bad idea.. I tried a test with my Nikon and it seemed to increase the dimensionality and dynamic range. But probably not necessary with the Fuji sensor……


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