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Author Topic: Gamut on Gossy Media vs Matte w/ Glossy Coating?  (Read 2052 times)


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Gamut on Gossy Media vs Matte w/ Glossy Coating?
« on: January 18, 2007, 04:20:48 pm »

As I plan my foray into LF printing, I was wondering if coating a matte substrate or canvas with a glossy liquid laminate brings the gamut pretty much in-line with what's possible on a glossy surface?  Or does the glossy substrate still have a gamut advantage over a non-glossy surface with gloss added afterwards?

My art, which is what I will be printing, contains lots of saturated dark-gamut tones that generally seem to be far more problematic for matte media and canvas than for glossy media.  I was wondering, then, if I could hope to attain the same dark, saturated colors on matte and canvas with the addition of a glossy coating.  That would be a nice option, since my goal would be to avoid some of the starkness of a glossy medium while at the same time getting more gamut out of a matte or canvas surface.

I figure some of you folks here must print on both glossy and on matte with a glossy coating, for much the same reasons as I mentioned.  I'm particularly interested in how Canon (Lucia) and HP (Vivera) prints react to a glossy coating.  I'm interested in results done with Epson K3 inks as well, but, considering that the Epsons seem to do a little better on matte without a coating, I was wondering how much a coating might bring the others in-line with the Epson output.

To clarify, I'm in no way denigrating Canon or Hp vs Epson.  It's just that my work contains so much dark, saturated color that relatively small differences in dark gamut can have a rather profound effect on some of my works, particularly when the effects of matte media and canvas are thrown into the mix.  I realize that this is a little different from the requirement that many others will have, but I thought I might be lucky enough to get a little input anyway.

Thanks for listening, and kind regards...

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