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GPS Sublime
« on: January 15, 2007, 03:21:08 pm »

Hi Folks
I thought you might be interested in some work I'm exhibiting in NYC in an exhibition titled 'Networked Nature.' The project I'm involved with is called 'Perfect View' and it involved traveling 13,000 miles around the country (US) on my motorcycle photographing sites that some consider 'sublime.' These sites were suggested to me by the Geocaching community who gave me the sites' GPS coordinates. The exhibited pieces are triptychs displaying a panoramic photograph of the site, a satellite aerial image of the site with a dot representing where I stood when documenting, and a computer-generated image of the topography created using USGS data.

The exhibition is at Foxy Production gallery in Chelsea for a month, and then it travels to the Warehouse gallery in Syracuse for a two-month engagement from April to June. I hope you'll take a quick look at the gallery site, and if interested have a look at my site and my collaborative group site (I collaborate with 6 colleagues in a group called C5).

The gallery:  (my work is on the left wall)
My site:

Thanks for the opportunity to post,

PS My apologies if this is inappropriate PR for this forum, I just want to get the word out to as many potentially interested people as possible. Thanks.
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GPS Sublime
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2007, 02:38:18 am »

I like the concept. Haven't seen the work in person but did get the mailing for the SF Camerawork exhibit (I'm a member). You had me at the photo of the GPS location as supplied by others. Where I think the work gets off track for me is that it becomes too informational (didactic) with the addition of the other elements (map, etc). Of course seeing something printed or on the web is often, totally different than in person so take my comments with that caveat. I applaud your attempt to move beyond the traditional landscape photograph. Good luck with your shows.

Best, Doug Keyes
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