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Author Topic: Canon 5D Mark 4; still get?  (Read 703 times)


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Re: Canon 5D Mark 4; still get?
« Reply #20 on: July 01, 2022, 10:27:22 pm »

Thanks D, I can go so camera shops but you really gotta live with these...

So saying that with Mirrorless, when look through the viewfinder  (on a Mirrorless) below the hot shoe, we've all done for years on SLR, you are not getting the quality of vision you would get if that same camera was indeed an SLR, it's just a simulation/ approximation?   

>>> yes. It is getting much better, so you really need to get hands on to decide if it is good enough. For framing a shot, for me, it is fine. If i want to see all the detail my naked eye would see through the traditional DLSR optical only path or follow motion ( bird in flight for example) it is not as good, yet. It is a "live view" from the sensor converted to jpeg ( usually) in the eyepiece. i thought i saw some posts here somewhere from a guy that is manufacturing a framing attachment for the hot shoe for some cameras that provides a direct line of sight framing for the shot.
Next post down actually ;-)

If that is so I'd have to agree with Dog, man, tough to adjust to looking at side panel for a couple of hours... if I understand...

Are there people who use mirrorless who do multi hour shoots and use the top viewfinder ?

>>> Put up a poll in the forum ? 
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