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Author Topic: "Black && White" Typo  (Read 824 times)


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"Black && White" Typo
« on: June 16, 2022, 12:55:26 pm »

This typo has been bothering me since C1PRO version 12 and I am annoyed to know that it still persists all the way throughout the current and recently released 15.3.X.

Can others verify? I am on Windows 11 Home.

1. Customize your main C1PRO window's toolbox.
2. Add the Styles drop-down icon. It looks like a brush.
3. Mouse over and navigate to Built-in Presets.
4. You should see the typo.

If this bothers you, will you report the error and reference Case: #146349?

As mentioned earlier, I stopped upgraded C1PRO at version 12 and this type has bothered me since. I recently upgraded to 15.3 and spotted the error during beta testing earlier phases and even reported TWICE! I am feeling little bit disconcerted that my report was missed and the typo wasn't fixed.

What's concerning is that with version 23 scheduled to be out this winter as per usual development cycle, I think 15.3.X is the LAST stable release.

Anyways...with enough reports of the typo, it might be fixed in Version 23.

Thank you all for the privilege of your time.


Ronald N. Tan
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