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Author Topic: Phase One XT Rodenstock 50mm f/4 in-depth review  (Read 417 times)

Vieri Bottazzini

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Phase One XT Rodenstock 50mm f/4 in-depth review
« on: July 25, 2021, 12:30:17 pm »

Hello everyone! Today, I completed the third of a series of four in-depth reviews dedicated to Rodenstock lenses, in particular used in X-Shutter and on a Phase One XT. This third article will analyse the Rodenstock 50mm f/4, covering a classic focal length equivalent of 35mm on so-called full-frame 135 systems.

The XT Rodenstock 50mm f/4 is a truly amazing lens, it definitely didn't disappoint in my tests and getting it in X-Shutter will also offer quite a wealth of automated digital integrations with the IQ4 that I love to have on my tech camera.

You can find the whole review here, if interested:

Looking forward to your comments! Best regards,

Vieri Bottazzini
Ambassador for Phase One, H&Y Filters & NYA-EVO
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