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Author Topic: Thumbnails not showing in Version 20  (Read 449 times)


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Thumbnails not showing in Version 20
« on: June 02, 2021, 05:06:26 pm »

I have recently noticed that C1P 20 is not showing all thumbnails in either grid or filmstrip view. Parts of folders show when first launched, but don't necessarily show if I move to a different folder and return. This is with a catalog on Windows. I can double-click on a blank thumbnail and get the image. But the thumbnails remain blank.

Recent changes since it last worked include the following:

- I have upgraded to Windows 10 21H1

- I have upgraded to the latest Nvidia Studio driver

- I am doing a trial of Basiccolor Display 6.30 instead of Spectraview II. (I saw an old KB from C1 that blamed this on the monitor profile.)

I will probably buy Basiccolor since I believe it does better profiles than SVII on my PA322. Also, it means I don't have to use separate software to profile the laptop screen. The default profiles are ICC 2 I think, so I see no problem there. Also, A trial of C1P 21 has no problems (and is much faster with thumbs). I have no intention of paying the now exorbitant upgrade fee to solve this, given the lackluster offerings of v21. I've migrated more back to LRC and Adobe anyway, which works fine and much faster on my system. C1P is great, but I can do everything it can do on other software that doesn't cost $200/ year to stay current. It's ironic that I bought into C1P when Adobe went subscription out of fear *they* would raise prices yearly.

Has anyone else using Windows and C1P 20 noticed any issues along these lines?

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