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Re: PureRAW
« Reply #20 on: August 06, 2022, 10:26:28 am »

i tried it and like it for high iso-images where grainy results interfere too much with the purpose of the photo.
It does a very good job on those- better than topaz denoise as far as i can see.
downsides: now i have to keep two raw's; the original and the pure raw.
The correction module is choosing for distortion and/or vignetting + sharpening;
I would like to choose the tree separately as i can do in LR.
it works on the GPU only- you need a fast one.

As others have noted, PureRaw's conversion capabilities are a stripped down subset from PhotoLab, at a lower (but still not cheap) price, for those who are satisfied with letting the software choose and use all the default conversion parameters. I already had PhotoLab, so I haven't tested PureRaw, I'm just going by reports of others. In PL you CAN choose which parameters to use; for instance electing not to apply distortion or vignetting correction, or sharpening. You can also control the strength of noise reduction for DeepPrime. DeepPrime noise reduction, which is excellent--on average the best I have seen--is my primary use of PL. But I use some of its other capabilities from time to time. For me it's a worthwhile addition to the processing toolbox.
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