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Author Topic: FS Kenyon Labs KS 4x4 gyro stabilizer  (Read 111 times)


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FS Kenyon Labs KS 4x4 gyro stabilizer
« on: May 03, 2021, 06:12:31 pm »

For Sale

Kenyon Labs KS 4x4 gyro with accessories for excellent image stabilization.  Included is a second battery, d-ring mount plate, Really Right Stuff screw clamp. 

Asking $1600 USD or $2,000 CAD plus shipping.

This has been used for medium format aerial photography and stabilizing medium format with 400-600mm lenses photographing wildlife from Land Rovers.  It also saw use with Nikon setups as well.  This provides excellent 3-axis stabilization and dampens the rate of movement perfect for photographing from airplanes and helicopters or to dampen the movements of a vehicle with long lenses (vehicles move and vibrate from wind, a passenger adjusting his seating slightly, etc.).  These are indispensable for  activities involving movement when you want to get the sharpest image and video possible. 

These use basic 12v lead acid batteries and safe for air transport either in cargo hold or with you.  Two batteries was sufficient for a few hours of air time.  It includes the necessary cable also to run off any 12volt source with a cigarette lighter outlet.

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