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Author Topic: Saul Leiter reprise  (Read 1493 times)

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Saul Leiter reprise
« on: November 03, 2020, 10:13:38 pm »

I just discovered a new guy, Brian Lloyd Duckett, on YouTube who discusses mostly Street Photography on his Channel. I don't want to revive old fights, just bring this interesting video and new voice to people's attention.

Ironically enough, the title of his channel, "Street Snappers"  seems to be at odds with his rather learned and experienced voice on matters of Street photography. What I really like is the excellent, concise and very interesting portrayal of Saul Leiter. The host, Brian Lloyd Duckett, does this with the intention of conveying what modern and new street photographers can learn from the old masters. I confess, despite the many mentions of Saul's name on this site I had no idea who he was. From what I have seen so far, I am certainly drawn to the street photography style of Saul Letter.

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