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Author Topic: DIY Broncolor Pulso Wall Adapter  (Read 924 times)


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DIY Broncolor Pulso Wall Adapter
« on: October 21, 2020, 01:26:37 am »

Broncolor Pulso Wall Adapter.
Bron sell a bracket called "Broncolor Pulso Wall Adapter" to attach reflectors to a wall. The only problem is that they are about $170 each. So I made four of my own in a couple hours for about $25.
It is just 100mm sewer PVC fittings that you can buy at a hardware store and glued together.
The pictures should tell the story. If you are in Australia you can get everything at Bunnings. The parts list is:
PVC DWV Push On Cap 100mm
PVC DWV Floor Flange 100mm
Pipe PVC DWV Holman 100mm 1M (you only need 45mm per bracket but have to buy a metre, so make heaps.)
Basically you drill a 90mm hole in the centre of the Cap and make a cut out for the small tongue on the reflector. (Screw it down when cutting the hole or you will lose a lot of blood.) It then just sticks together.
You can use the flange for Elinchrom as well. Actually you can use both Bron and Elinchrom on the same bracket.
Screw the bracket to a wall or cupboard with the cut out at the top. The big tongue hooks over and the small tongue goes through the cutout. Then turn it.
If you don't want to make them then I would be prepared to make some more.
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