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Author Topic: LUMINOSITY & CONTRAST – A New Reality: By Alister Benn  (Read 3287 times)

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Re: LUMINOSITY & CONTRAST – A New Reality: By Alister Benn
« Reply #20 on: November 13, 2020, 10:24:52 am »

Bottom line:
Luminance - measured amount of light (only property that can be measured, candelas per square meter)
Brightness - perceived amount of light (from self-luminous things)
Lightness - perceived reflectance of a surface

None of this is relevant unless your comparing it to equal conditions, ie atmosphere, through  the same piece of glass (lens) Light is just a disturbance it doesn’t move.
Bottom line:
Getting a human reaction from an image presented in a space where the viewer can gain a sense of emotion could be a great image depending on the viewers level of knowledge of a great image.

Luminance, Brightness and Lightness help focus the viewers attention to a part of the image but the measurement of those properties won’t make an image.

I think the photographer was speaking about his quest to make great images and his journeys that shaped his route.

Good art is emotional to everyone.  You don't need a PhD in Art to feel it. 
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