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Author Topic: Politics, again.  (Read 8069 times)

Jeremy Roussak

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Politics, again.
« on: October 19, 2020, 01:20:28 pm »

In April 2019, I decided to reopen the discussion boards here to political argument. Initially, it seemed to have been a good, or at least not a bad, idea.

But I hadn't anticipated that in March of this year, the world would change. Since then, we (or at least, we few, we happy few, who actually take photographs) have been severely restricted in what we are able to do and discussion of photography has decreased. Some contributors have wandered off and their loss has been keenly felt. Just as importantly from my point of view, it has become apparent that rather than moderating a photographic site with a political sideline, I am moderating a political discussion site with a side order of photographs - that's how the volumes of posts make it appear, in any event - and, depressingly, the political discussions are vituperative, repetitive and ill-informed, reflecting, I suppose, the politics they address.

I have wasted too much of my time reading the stuff and, at long last, I've had enough. I shan't prevent political discussion immediately, as I gather something important is due to take place early next month. After that, however, this is what is going to happen.

  • On 4th November, or very soon thereafter depending on my other commitments, I shall lock active political threads.

  • I will close any thread opened after that date which I consider to be political, whether wholly or in part.

  • I shall open one thread in the Coffee Corner board, where those whose very survival might be threatened by an inability to spout politics here will be able to indulge themselves. That thread, which may or may not have a suitably droll title, will resemble the current Covid playpen thread: it will be largely unmoderated and those who choose to enter it will do so pretty much at their own risk. I may read it from time to time, either on my own initiative or if some particularly egregious comment is drawn to my attention; or I may not.

  • Anyone who indulges in political discussion elsewhere at this site will be dealt with in a suitable fashion (or as close as I can get, given societal disapproval of thumbscrews).

So, enjoy the next fortnight. I'm sure those of you upset by this decision can use part of the time to find somewhere else to vent your spleen.


(This thread is locked. I have made a near-identical post on the Coffee Corner board, which is not.)
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