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Author Topic: filter questions.  (Read 751 times)


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filter questions.
« on: May 11, 2020, 06:22:20 pm »

Ok, new here, but not to photography.  Hello everyone and thanks to Luminous Landscape for providing this site all these years.  I have followed it for many years.

Some or these questions I posted at another forum and the folks were great, but after months I have not yet settled on the answers.

Let me preface my post with this.  Ever since the 10d first came out, I have avidly put UV filters on every one of my lenses as I took them from the box, including my RX10 iv.  And I won't take them off.  Just a hangup I guess..keep the lens clean, scratch free, etc.(I slipped many years ago at a waterfall and my Canon 17-40, the end of it took the brunt of a glancing blow on a rock when I went down...the UV was totally ruined, sent lens to Canon, nothing wrong with the I am a stickler about protective filters.  I also know that it is one more piece of glass between sensor and subject..I am good with that.

1.  Circular Polarizer.  I want to go totally with their stuff.  I am coming from B+W F Pro UV and the Kaseman CPL.  Love Breakthrough too, BUT....BUT....last year went out west with rx10 IV...FPro UV, and Kaseman CPL.  hundreds of shots, many at full 24 mm...and great vignetting.  Recently got the X4 from breakthrough and put it on my Fpro and had vignetting..not a lot just a little bit in corners.  Frown...Read up on it, and found there is a .4 mm less thickness with the Breakthrough UV than the BW F ordered the Breakthrough UV, hoping it would resolve the vignetting.  Tried it just now and nope...still vignetting.   
So...f pro and kaseman, at 24mm, no vignetting.
       Breakthru with either UV has vignetting.
Breakthru is supposed to be colorless, and that is why I want so much to go to it.  But I won't remove my UV protective filter.

Any thoughts?  Is the color light transmission difference between the XS-Pro HTC Kaesemann Circular Polarizer ane the X4 really noticeable or is it minute?  Any suggestions?  Is there and even thinner UV that is good?  I know the BW makes their casings wider than the threads in order to prevent vignetting.

I have scoured the internet and read review after review and still have not settled on anything.

ND's....same thing, have not tried Breakthrough, but fear the vignetting again.

Now, question on 4x6 GNDs...did a lot of research before this covid thing, as I was going to Hawaii...finally figured to get a one hard, and a set of 3 medium and 3 soft GND's.  I settled on the the Haida Red Diamond as the best.  Any thoughts, suggestions?

Thank you folks...Tim


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Re: filter questions.
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2020, 01:42:44 pm »

Very simple solution; only use the filter that you need.  Replace the UV protection filter with the CPL when you need/want the CPL.  There is absolutely no advantage to stacking the UV with other filters.

Eric Brody

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Re: filter questions.
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2020, 07:20:44 pm »

It appears that he great "protective" filter debate has still not been settled for you. But for many, this article by the highly respected Roger Cicala at Lensrentals answers one question, do "protective" filters affect the image? The answer is YES!
Here's another article showing that UV filters are basically useless..
Most folks I know do not use "protective" filters for at least the above mentioned reasons, distortion and ineffectiveness. To me they make sense only in situations of blowing sand or dust or splashing salt water. Stacking filters makes sense only when one needs the effects of both filters, eg neutral density AND polarization. Roger Cicala also wrote a helpful article on polarizers,
Best of luck to you in your quest.
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