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Which Lens
« on: March 16, 2020, 11:36:13 am »

Hi guys,

Im in the market for a new lens for my D810 which will be used to photograph and document artwork for my clients. The size of the artwork that i get ranges from A4 right up to 1.4x1.4m. I dont have a great deal of studio space, i would say around 4x6m to capture the artwork (camera is stationary, while the artwork moves) currently im using a 50mm Zeiss milvus but find the distortion too much so im looking to trade that in for a macro lens. Any help from those currently doing this for a living would be greatly appreciated as i need to re asses my workflow and setup.

While im at it, those of you who are doing this for a living, i would love to pick your brains about a dedicated capture wall for artwork as im also in the process of re designing mine to allow for x and y movement.

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