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Author Topic: Sony WB/colors?  (Read 848 times)


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Re: Sony WB/colors?
« Reply #20 on: March 28, 2020, 11:44:28 am »

FWIW, my tuppence worth. As far as colour goes I'm with Alain Briot. I fiddle (LR, Photoshop and DXO) until I like something, natural or not (though I often go back and change my mind!) as I do this for me, not clients any longer. I came to digital via a Canon 450DSLR after many years of film, but mainly for pictures of my boys. Once I moved to digital for other things I went to Sony. An A7ii then A7Rii.

Swapped that for a large frame lens then added a Canon 5DSr. I found that slower to use and missed using legacy lenses and IBIS so bought another A7Rii. But I could only rarely get colours I liked however much I played in software, especially the greens. So moved to Fuji (found that way better), Olympus 4/3 (usually ok) and now back to a Canon 5DSr.

If I'd have persisted with that I would have saved a lot of money, time and angst. The Canon produces colours I like off the bat and any fiddling is just seasoning. Though, to be fair, haven't tried a later Sony than the Rii...
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