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Author Topic: Wavelight Pano  (Read 967 times)


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Re: Wavelight Pano
« Reply #20 on: January 29, 2020, 05:18:05 pm »

Excellent shot and especially the final version lower down the thread - do you think your sluggish computer is due to the AMD chip? The only reason I ask this, is because I am running an old (10+ years) computer but with the original Intel i7 chip with 16gb of RAM and even though I quite often stitch 10 vertical image panos or more using Sony A7R2 uncompressed raws, which are huge, it still runs at acceptable speeds and isn't sluggish at all. But I do only use this machine for image processing and so it has no other programs etc running in the background, but I have no problem creating 2gb or more sized panos and have quite a few stored on my HDD and everything still runs pretty well for me, so just wondering if it is an AMD issue or something that is causing you problems?


ROG Strix x570 (Motherboard)
3950x AMD (CPU)
Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4-3600 (Ram)
MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB (Video Card)
Intel 660p M.2 2TB (Working File Hard Drive)
12 GB Sata (Backup drive)
NEC PA271Q-BK 27" (Color-Critical IPS Monitor)

Dave, I had what you have. It worked. What I have now is faster. Although I still have critical system gltiches I'm trying to work out. I couldn't buy a computer with these specs for a reasonable price anywhere.

The M.2 drives with raid have a read/write speed of something like 1,800MB/s. Eventually I'd like to move heavier into timelapse and perhaps utilize 4k video in drones... so this computer was a step in that direction.
Maddog Murph
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