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Author Topic: Would welcome opinions on primes in 21-35 range for 35mm FF format.  (Read 718 times)


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These will be for use on Sony A7R II and IV and possible 100Mp FF chips which I guess must be coming.  With adapters a lot of mount choices are possible, I'm already using a mix of Sony, Canon and Nikon, and a Mamiya.

My needs are in reverse order of importance


1) Resolution from 5.6 to the diffraction limit, excellent edge performance
2) CA and other aberrations minimised
3) Low weight and small size
4) Price 

Don't cares

a) Manual AF
b) Bokeh, minimum aperture

Essentially I'd like to get as close as possible to the optical performance of my manual Schneider lenses on a digital back for deep field images
I already have in my kit

Canon 24 TS-E II (seems pretty good an A7RII, can I better this, any thoughts on likely performance on 60Mp chip?)
Canon 17 TS-E
Sony 35 f2.8 FE (this isn't good enough at f11 into the edges, but its not at all bad, I'd like to improve on it)
Adapters for Nikon/Canon for Sony
An initial search is suggesting to me that the Zeiss Loxia 21, 25 and 35 are possibly the best options.
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When you move up beyond your current sensor density the 5.6 becomes the diffraction limit so this will narrow down the choices if you want exceptional resolution across the field. Also I assume 'deep field' is deep focus? - how do you square this with the diffraction limit of 5.6? Herein lies the conundrum of high MP sensors.....
I'd suggest a set of non retrofocus Leica aspherical primes with a Kolari sensor stack mod.


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I do not use Sony FE anymore, but when I did, I have used the following lenses that I can highly recommend:

Batis 25

Tokina Firin 20 (MF version)

ZA 16-35 f4

ZA 35 f2.8

ZA 35 f1.4

Loxia 21 - this would still be my top choice.


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    • Mike Broomfield

21mm Loxia is a good choice.
I've not used it but the new 21mm 1.4 Voigtlander is getting very good reviews
The 25mm Loxia gets very good reviews (up there with the 21mm)
The 35mm Loxia was one of the 1st introduced in the range and is not so good.  I've looked at test images and shied away from it although a number of people like it when stopped down
Consider the 35mm 1.7 Voigtlander.  It's M mount and needs to be stopped down but I find it excellent at ~F8.  Having said that my main 35mm is the Canon FD T/S lens or the Samyang 35/1.4 FE
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