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Author Topic: Michael: M8-C1-LR-CS2 workflow? & Adobe Fix?  (Read 3090 times)

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Michael: M8-C1-LR-CS2 workflow? & Adobe Fix?
« on: November 14, 2006, 08:34:19 pm »


I've read with interest your M8 stuff, having just bought one. I have also started using the Phase 1 P30 conversion in C1 LE (via the quietly circulated file trick.) My question is, do you convert via C1, then import into Lightroom for further processing, or do you take it directly into Photoshop, or exactly how do you do it now?

I have been using LR for RAW conversion, and while it easily imports the M8 files, you get the magenta.
Do you think it would be feasible for Adobe to do a quick work-around for M8 users? This would be something of a minor PR triumph if somebody like Knoll (or Schewe) could go onto Leica Forum and announce a work-around in LR, even if it's an imperfect fix; well worth keeping a couple of engineers up over night. I mention that because you're apparently buddies...and maybe could make a phone call to point out the advantages of such a fix. 8-)

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