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Author Topic: Nikon Z7 Tethering  (Read 289 times)


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Nikon Z7 Tethering
« on: January 23, 2019, 04:22:27 pm »

Good news. I connected Z7 with the supplied USB cable, opened FastPictureViewerPro on Win10x64, Pressed Ctrl-T (MTP/PTP Tethered Mode) and that's it.
It works.

I also tried setting up wifi transfer using Nikon's Wireless Transfer Utility. It also works, in principle, but is not a smooth experience.
1. In Z7 menu options select to auto-transfer and not delete from card.
2. Run Wireless Transfer Utility and set the transfer folder.
3. Enable wifi on Z7 and then connect laptop to the Z7's wifi.
4. Run Wireless Transfer Utility again, and *if lucky*, it  sees the camera and allows to connect/authenticate.
5. Then point FastPictureViewer to monitor that folder (open jpg there using FastPictureViewer and press shortcut "T").
6. After that images shot on Z7 show up in the FastPictureViewer automatically.

I had a lot of trouble with step #4. It worked once. I found that if I go back to menu on Z7 (not through the "I" screen) and re-select the Wifi connection profile, then the info screen right below eventually shows correction in the green color. After that steps 5 and 6 work - WITHOUT running step #4.

Hope this helps:)
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