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Author Topic: Print color frustration  (Read 4475 times)

Stephen Ray

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Re: Print color frustration
« Reply #80 on: January 22, 2019, 01:58:26 am »

PS. To Andrew Rodney - I was surprised to see the extent of the colour spread here. Should we have confidence that the CTP rendition is OK? Have you seen such cases before where wildly OOG colours produce hue shifts in a print that don't show on the display? The profile seems well-formed just to look at it. Could it be problems of disconnect between the B>A and A>B tables? (I haven't tried printing it with my own very good profiles - perhaps I should try one on IGFS and see what happens.

Regarding Mark's image attachment:  <<Sand Dunes vs Printer Profiles.jpg>>

Because I've seen this thousands of times, to me this is indicative of assigning the ProPhoto RGB profile to a file in Adobe RGB (1998), for example, intentionally or not. Somewhat of an old method used to open shadows and increase saturation especially in landscape images, ill-advised and not without shortcomings.

The image clearly shows gamut hitting the "flat wall" limits of ProPhoto RGB (or some other large space.) Easily reproducible.
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