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Author Topic: Desolation Peaks (Rockies NP) During an Early Winter Storm  (Read 1230 times)

Dave (Isle of Skye)

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Re: Desolation Peaks (Rockies NP) During an Early Winter Storm
« Reply #20 on: December 24, 2018, 05:41:15 am »

And NONE of your suffering comes through in the beautiful shot you posted.
Hearty thanks to your wife for being so tolerant and understanding.

Yes she is someone special, just to be willing to put up with me  ;)

Thanks, Dave. Sounds like quite an adventure.

I've been impressed with the usefulness, compactness and longevity of Op/Tech rain sleeves, even camping in Iceland for several days.

Yes it really was an adventure and I am finding it quite difficult to get over our great American Road trip, as it was just so photographically interesting this time around, whereas usually when we have visited the US before, it has more often been a bland empty blue sky and very difficult to get any worthwhile shots, but this time it was beautiful and stormy all the way across and which makes me want to be back there and doing it all again right now!

The composition, elements, mood, tonality, subject, all converge into a perfect storm picture. Well done, mate!

What more can I say Slobodan, other than thank you very much (mate!)  :) :)

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