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Author Topic: Help! Messed up my Catalogue*SOLVED*  (Read 703 times)

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Help! Messed up my Catalogue*SOLVED*
« on: September 18, 2018, 07:49:39 pm »

I've been using LR since LR2.0, so I should really know better.  I'm using LRClassic CC, latest version.  My computer has several internal hard drives that I use only for pictures, and they were all in my large LR catalogue.  One drive has several years worth of my oldest photos, some 54,000 of them. The folder structure on the drive reflects my very poor asset management skills at the time, and trying to reorganize it one folder at a time through LR was taking forever.

Perhaps stupidly, I reasoned that it would be faster and simpler to go directly to the drive using Explorer, set up the new folder structure and then drag groups of folders into each new parent folder. I would then resync the top folder and be OK.

I did that, and to my chagrin LR found all of the new folders and imported them, but all of the old folders and contents are listed, interspersed between some of the new folders.  When I click on the ghosts of the old folders and tell LR to remove them (from the catalogue, I presume) nothing happens.  Then I did my 2nd major stupid thing.  I thought if I grab the parent folder in which all of the picture folders are, and move it (in the folders section of LR) to the root folder of the backup drive (with identical file structure) I'd get a good import and the catalogue listing of the backup drive would be good and accurate.

Ha, ha, ha!  Now I have the original drive *and* the backup drive in the catalogue, each with the same missing folders and files listed.  So I have 2 questions:

1) How do I fix the folder structure on one drive, and, 2) how do I then delete the entire backup drive from the catalogue?

Is learning the hard way the only way I'll learn?"
Well,  it's solved!  I did an Import From the parent folder of my pictures on the backup drive, keeping the box checked to avoid duplicate pictures, and it emptied itself except for one folder, which I then removed manually from the catalogue.  I then did another Sync on the original drive, and it cleaned up the missing folders and brought in any of the folders it had missed before.  And I will never change the folder structure of a drive with pictures on it from outside of LR!!!
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