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Author Topic: The end of politics  (Read 4107 times)

Jeremy Roussak

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The end of politics
« on: July 28, 2018, 04:29:57 pm »

Well, we tried. When I started to moderate the forums - was it really only four months ago? - I did so in part because I thought we could and should be capable of conducting robust but sensible political debate which could be enjoyed by those who like such things and tolerated by the rest.

I was wrong.

Political discussions have overwhelmed the Coffee Corner, to the near-exclusion of any other topics. They have been conducted with more, far more, heat than light. Entrenched positions have merely been restated ad nauseam and I for one have found them tedious in the extreme to plough through. Worse, the presence of such overt acrimony has driven away photographers who joined to learn, teach and talk about photography.

This last has led us - Kevin, Chris, Debra and me - to decide collectively that political discussions are tainting the Luminous Landscape “community” (in quotes because it is a word I cordially dislike, but in this context I can think of none better) to the extent that they cannot be allowed to continue.

Therefore, as from now:
  • all political threads in the Coffee Corner will be locked;
  • any new political thread will be summarily locked or deleted;
  • the Coffee Corner will revert to being a board primarily for discussion of photography-related topics (LuLa’s raison d’ętre);
  • topics which have no photographic element to them will be allowed - I see no reason why we should be precluded from discussing other matters of interest - but political discussions will not.
Whether a particular topic is “political” or not, and whether if it blends politics and photography it can properly be regarded as the (acceptable) latter and not the (unacceptable) former or is truly politics with a veneer of photography are matters which will lie wholly within my discretion. For the avoidance of doubt (as we lawyers like to say), my unshakeable view is that, in this context at least, climate change is politics.

I’m disappointed that this step has proved necessary, but there it is. The description of the Coffee Corner has been changed to reflect this new regime.


As before, this thread is locked but the identical thread in the coffee Corner is open to responses. Polite responses.
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