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I'm curious to know if anyone is using Breakthrough Photography's new magnetic ND filters (, and what you think of them? The idea behind them is that most square filter systems allow light leaks, and by having round, magnetic filters in a filter ring, there are no light leaks. Moreover, you can buy just one filter, and use step-up rings for each lens that you'd want to place the filter on. They're currently making several ND filter, as well as their "dark" CPL (which have the ND built-in). The filter ring will also allow you to attach to their square filter system, so that you can continue to use drop-in GND filters. One downside that I see, is that you can't stack magnetic filters; so you couldn't use a magnetic CPL and a magnetic ND, forcing you to buy their "dark" CPL. They're currently offering a take-back of their square ND filters, so that you can buy their (slightly) cheaper magnetic filters, something that I've been contemplating doing, but am on the fence about.

Thoughts, opinions, issues, concerns?


E.J. Peiker

They look interesting but from what I have seen in their advertisement, they preclude you from using a lens hood, unlike screw-in filters.


Quote from: E.J. Peiker on July 18, 2018, 12:33:39 pm
They look interesting but from what I have seen in their advertisement, they preclude you from using a lens hood, unlike screw-in filters.

Ah yes, very true, but that's no different than using a square filter system.

E.J. Peiker

Which is one reason why I don't use a square system (except on my Phase 28mm which won't take a screw-in filter)


Looks pretty clever and it looks like it would probably work with whatever square filter you want to use.
I only have screw on filters and have toyed with the idea of getting a square system but have never taken the plunge. I'd consider this is I was going to but I'm not convinced my shooting style needs this. I usually deal with those situations where you would use a split filter using exposure blending instead.

Kevin Raber

I just did a video on this system as well as the wine country system.  They work great but I would like to stack filters like possibly 2 ND filters or an ND and Polarizer.  We were unable to stack 2 as it seems the ring screwed into the lens is magnetic and it then grips the filter.   Thus it doesn't appear to be stackable.  Works as advertised though.  We just need to drop in some B roll still images showing the results.  The Wine Country while larger is really nice to work with.  Breakthrough Filters are very high quality glass.

Aram Hăvărneanu

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I use the Breakthrough filter system, and I bought the magnetic adapter rings, though I do not have the magnetic polarizers or other magnetic round filters. After using it for a while, I realized I much prefer the simple brass adapter rings, instead of the magnetic ones, because the brass adapters are flat, and I can stack them in my bag taking essentially no space at all. The magnetic rings have a conical profile so I can't stack them easily and they take too much space.

Unfortunately they discontinued the brass adapter rings, and now they only have aluminum rings, which are nowhere near as good as the brass ones.

Another problem I have with their system is that the screws on the X100 holder (the one that actually holds the square filters) come loose all the time. They are ultra tiny screws and they don't use phillips heads, so they are a total pain in the ass to screw back.

Oh, and yes, in case it's not clear, I use my own threaded polarizers that I attach to the lens, and screw the brass adapter rings to the polarizers. There's no vignetting or anything, as the brass rings are totally flat, so they don't push the filter holder and the square filters away from the lens. In fact, screw polarizer with flat rings might put the filters closer to the lens than the (conical) magnetic holder, though I have not measured exactly.

In any case, I am extremely happy with the quality of the glass itself. And the holder feels very nice, nicer than the expected competitors (though I haven't tried them all), but that screw keeps getting lost.


It appears that they have updated their magnetic filter holder system since I purchased mine, thus I will keep my comments more general.  The ability to magnetically attach a filter quickly in the field is very handy, especially in certain environments where you can't set your equipment down while you fumble around to try and screw a filter on as well as possibly remove one.

As far as the quality of their filters, I have been impressed, especially with their ND's color neutrality.