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Author Topic: Any hacks for profilemaker measuretool to generate rectangular patches?  (Read 359 times)


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Hello, are there any way to make profilemaker measuretool to generate rectangular (more in length then in height) patches for i1isis?
I does allow to generate these for i1pro iO etc.

Other then that perhaps there is a way to make i1profiler generate same amount of rows as measuretool with same patch size, beause I get 35rows on measuretool and 34 on i1profiler for same patch size. This may seem not much but it does make extra page with half filled target.

Pat Herold

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I assume you have reduce your margins and header length to the minimums already? 
One hack is to create a custom page size in i1Profiler that is slightly larger (longer) than your actual page size - enough to trick it into adding that last row.   You can always crop the final .tiff image back to your actual page size later.
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Doug Gray

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It's pretty easy to create CGATs files. I use Matlab but many use Python or whatever they have handy. I also create my own 16 bit tiff file iSis targets for special purposes like measuring effective aperture or specifying printed colors in ProPhoto that need a bit more accuracy than 8 bits provides. That's also a bit more complex Matlab program but I can't imagine doing it in Photoshop.
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