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Author Topic: Update to Adobe application licensing technology (enterprise)  (Read 467 times)


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Anybody heard about this or seen its ramifications discussed online? It was announced May 8 but I just got the word... I work in higher ed IT where we use Adobe CC 2018.

Adobe is updating its application licensing technology to better support the increased integration of cloud services and desktop applications.
All new versions of Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud (Acrobat), eLearning (Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter) and Technical Communication products (Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Robohelp), as well as Adobe ColdFusion released as part of this update, will no longer be activated using serial numbers.
We plan to release Adobe products, applications, and services using the updated licensing technology starting in late 2018. The rollout is planned as follows:
                    Creative Cloud for enterprise: late 2018
                    Acrobat and Document Cloud for enterprise: late 2018
                    eLearning and Technical Communication products: early 2019
                    ColdFusion: early 2020
Action Required
Any software application deployed to faculty, staff, or students via a serial number must transition to named user licensing.
For multi-user lab environments, we plan on providing a solution in early 2019. Until that solution is available you may continue to use serial numbers, however, your existing serial numbers will not provide access to the most recent versions based on the updated licensing technology.

The benefits of the updated application licensing technology and named- and multi-user licensing for your IT department include:
                    Increased network security, which provides the ability to examine and validate all licensing traffic from your networks to Adobe at your institutional firewall.
                    Support for modern OS and App platforms, including Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
                    Access to the latest desktop apps, new apps (e.g., Adobe XD and Adobe Dimension), and cloud collaboration services to enable personalized experiences and increased collaboration including in labs.
                    The ability to entitle and manage all licensing from a single web console, called the Adobe Admin Console.
                    Uninterrupted access to applications due to serial number elimination.
                    Integration with a range of identity systems, including Active Directory.

Key changes and dates by solution:
Adobe Solution
Serial numbers no longer issued
Latest apps on updated licensing technology
Serial numbers End of Life
Creative Cloud for enterprise
January 2017
Late 2018
Starting end 2019
Acrobat and Document Cloud for enterprise
September 2017
Late 2018
Starting spring 2020
eLearning and Technical Communication products
July 2018
Early 2019
Starting spring 2021
Spring 2019
Early 2020
Starting spring 2021
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