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Author Topic: FS: Mamiya M645 MF120/4 Macro+No.2 Tube for X1D|GFXs|CaNikon|Sony $315  (Read 205 times)


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Must keep momentum up on long-overdue gear-closet purge before GAS kicks-in.

For sale is a near mint manual focus Mamiya M645 120/4 APO macro lens & Ext. Tube #2 (call it app 25mm) plus an optional adapter for Nikon. The lens would also be perfect for the X1D, GFXs or Canon and Sony  Apparently the 120M will go to 1:1 on the GFXs (sans tube) while the Fuji 120 and Hassy 120s only goes to 1:2. I would assume given the sensor, this lens would also go 1:1 on the X1D. Have used for years on multiple Nikon bodies.

The Mamiya 120M is renowned for its sharpness, color correction and exceptional color tonality.  This is the last of my M645 lens and it's a bit of a reluctant parting, but I just don't use it enough. It is sweet glass. This unit is indistinguishable from new in terms of glass, barrel and focus smoothness.

One thing about this lens I love is that placing accurate focus is a bloody dodel.  The lens has so much micro-contrast wide open that you can easily see the focus plane shift fore & aft in even a D800e viewfinder. It only gets easier from their.

Lens comes with a Mamiya M645 #2 extension Tube (call it ~25mm). With the tube between the lens and adapter below, you can fill the sensor with a human eye from about 1' away. The tube has some minor indications of on the barrel, but a non-event.

Included will be a front cap. For some bizarre reason I no longer have a spare M645 rear cap. The rear element will ship with secure protection and once on a Hassy /Fuji /Sony /Canon adapter, a respective rear cap will cover it.

Price of US$315 includes shipping by normal post in NA. Europe pays based on estimate. Payment by EMT in Canada or by PP (add 3.5%). 

Pics to follow
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