just upgraded to CC, now LR6.14 is not running anymore ?

Started by zobelaudio, February 05, 2018, 11:43:28 am


What's the deal here ?
I've just bitten the bullet and went CC classic, primarily because I need 3 machines running LR, one for printing, so I figured I'd have CC on two and old 6.14 to print with. but now that I have even saved my old cat onto another drive to prevent it from being upgraded, it can't be opened anymore with 6.14 and the cat on the other harddrive has new icons and always opens CC, although I go <open with LR6.14>???
what's happening there ?
is my old cat now forever unopenable with the old perpetual LR ?

please advice

john beardsworth

When you install, it removes the earlier version - which is probably the right choice for most people. The installation dialog did contain actually an option to leave the earlier version in place, but now you can just re-install it using the CC app.


I can't speak directly about your post. But when all this new LR flavors came out, and seeing the concerns mentioned here on LuLa, I thought I should get LR6 on this newer machine, just incase. I had the boxed DVD and license key, whet through the download process, updated to 6.14.

I could not find LR6 in my Application Folder on my Mac. What I thought was LR6 would open the new flavor. I had many duplicates of .lrcat-2. Was kind of a mess. After careful thought and inspections, I deleted many catalogues, 6 or more. Some of this may have come from updating to the new Classic. My few catalogues are OK though.

So I gave up on trying to get LR6. Don't want to go through that again. Am very happy with the CC Classic.

Hope someone here has a solution for you.

john beardsworth

"is my old cat now forever unopenable with the old perpetual LR ?"

Old perpetual LR cannot open a Classic catalogue. That's just like Lr5 couldn't open Lr6 catalogues.

When Classic opens an Lr6 catalogue, it copies it and updates it copy to the new Classic format. Lr6 can still open its catalogue.


Not true John, even if I tell it to open the old cat with LR6.14, it switches to LR CC, recognizable by the dehaze function being there, so no 6.14 anymore for the original cat...
Guess I'll have to revert to my backup to get the last version before I updated in order to install that on my printingmachine.

john beardsworth

This is because 6.14 is no longer acting as 6.14. When Lr6 opens it detects you have a subscription and opens the Lr6 catalogue with CC2015.14 features enabled.


so would that same cat still open on another computer that's not logged in ?
thanks for your time

john beardsworth

Yes it would open. What's important is that LR on the other computer would be licensed with a serial number and not by an active subscription. In that case LR would open as Lr6 and you would not see CC-only sliders such as dehaze. Dehaze settings applied when you were using 2015.14 would still be there in the catalogue, and they would still apply to the images (eg upon export), but you just wouldn't be able to see the sliders.

I am pretty certain this is how it works (and hope I have explained it clearly enough). It's hard to test and be 100% certain because I have an active subscription on both of my computers. But a catalogue that opens in Lr6.x opens perfectly in CC LR2015.x and vice versa.


John's response is spot on.  Lr6.14 becomes LrCC2015.14 when you authenticate with a subscription instead of a serial number.  It's one binary(application) with all the same code but there's a flag to enable features/splash screen changes when you launch with one entitlement vs the other.  The extra features won't impact the stability or quality of LrCC2015.14 vs. Lr6.14. 

Tom Hogarty