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Re: Z3200
« Reply #20 on: January 12, 2018, 02:30:13 AM »

My comment was more regarding comparing what is current best technology from one manufacturer vs very old and outdated technology from others.  I recognize that HP produced a machine that was ahead of itís time and continues to offering outstanding output and some terrific features.  But I find it surprising that you feel there is a striking difference between current generation printers from Epson and canon as compared to the HP.

I have used all 3 brands of printers, and have seen output from the current best offerings of the 3.  I believe all 3 produce outstanding results, and while there are subtle differences, i wouldnít describe any of them as having striking differences from each other.

There are many other factors that could be discussed regarding a printer choice, with negatives and positives for all 3 manufacturers. But at this point, output quality is superb for all of them.

For the most art, I agree with you that output from all the current printers is exceptional.

However, having had Canon, and Epson LF printers, and currently 4 HP Z series printers, I have definitely settled on HP and prefer the subtle differences, especially what I am able to squeeze out for my work.
Additionally, I feel very confident that when using the right paper/ink combinations (Vivera) on Moab Entrada Natural or Canson Platine, etc., that I am producing work that is tops in longevity and will qualify for the most stringent museum conservatorship. 

These are, of course personal preferences based on many years of research and use with HP Z series printers.  Your mileage may vary, of course.  In my view, subtlety is a game changer.

All printers these days produce excellent prints to underscore your point.

However, I find it fascinating that the 10 year plus color science of HPís Vivera inks still to this day, with absolutely no politics or promotion whatsoever, still outshine, still outperform Epson and Canon inks?

I do see striking differences - albeit subtle differences, in side by side prints which I attribute to HP Vivera inks and HPís mixing technology of their Quad ink system, which granted, I have been tweaking for optimization (with the help of several others here on Lula, namely MHMG and Geraldo Rivera, et al.
With fine tuned proiles I do see differences.  But I take your point, and agree - they all make great prints, and if speed is a concern, HP Z Series printers come in at a turtleís pace.  However there is a moral to that story....


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