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Author Topic: PhaseOne XF /trichromatic back recommended tripod for landscape photography  (Read 2753 times)


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I love the standard p0 / Sunwayfoto screw clamp for a lightweight hiking kit, paired with a Feisol CT 3341. It does well for my usual landscape, but, as is true for most ball heads, can be a PITA for very fine adjustments such as needed for macro. One thing about the upside-down ball head design is that it might be slightly less prone to contamination from dirt / sand in the field.

I haven't used (or even seen in person) the p0 hybrid, but it may be a great invention at little extra weight cost.

You want geared head for heavy camera? You have committed yourself to heavy tripod, heavy head, and possibly an extra weight hung off the tripod spider. You can't cheat physics with a top-heavy camera on a tripod-head combo that weighs less than your camera!
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