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Author Topic: Pixel Film Studios Auto Track Plugin (UPDATE!)  (Read 1210 times)

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Pixel Film Studios Auto Track Plugin (UPDATE!)
« on: November 12, 2017, 10:24:50 am »

 Just wondering if any out there have used it with any degree of success? I thought for 40 bucks you can't go too far wrong, well, so far I've not been able to get it to track anything in several different video clips. I was in contact with the company via email but they don't work weekends (can't blame them for that) and after several install/uninstalls and even complete reinstall of FCP X the darn thing is just not working. GRRR, once again have any of you used this with success?


 Kevin in CT

 Well guys, I don't like giving negative reports but there it is. After more unanswered emails and an unanswered voice message I decided to look elsewhere for a solution. I am currently trying something called mCensor by Motion VFX. It's running in demo mode now but so far it looks like it's doing exactly what it's supposed to, that is, track an object and place a blur or pixelation over a selected part such as a face, license plate, etc. At 60 dollars it seems well worth the cost. Unlike the other item which has cost me 40 bucks and does not work worth a damm.
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