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Author Topic: Pentax K100 with DA 21mm  (Read 2133 times)


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Pentax K100 with DA 21mm
« on: September 09, 2006, 06:15:47 am »

Like many others on this forum, I really want a good compact digital camera. I have tried several (way too many) of the current offerings but always end up disapointed and selling my new camera because i donĀ“t use it.  At a loss every time of course.....  
When is somebody going to realise the potential market that almost certainly exists?
What I have ended up with, and been very satisfied with, is a 5D with a 35mm 1.4.
Not exactly compact though!
Have become intrested in the Pentax K100 with the new DA21mm lens. Looks lika a small enought package for me (my pre digital favourite was, and still is the Hexar AF which is not really pocket size). Seems lika a lot of great features in a not to large package. Aps size sensor, is or whatever it is called on a pentax. The only thing missing is the quietness of the Hexar.
But I have not found any detailed reviews of the 21mm.
Has anyone used it and what are your conclusions?
Any reviews on line?

Thanks in advance

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