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Author Topic: Why are the previews of Capture One Pro of such low quality?  (Read 37762 times)


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Re: Why are the previews of Capture One Pro of such low quality?
« Reply #140 on: December 27, 2018, 09:44:31 am »

For now, I have made a macro using Keyboard Maestro (I'm on the Mac), which does the following when I type "Z" if the viewer window is frontmost:

- If the "To fit" view is showing, switch to 100% and uncheck Recipe Proofing in the View menu
- If the "100%" view is showing, switch to "To fit" and check "Recipe Proofing" in the View menu

(this is dependent on the default width of the picture in the viewer, 1680px in my case; and on the settings of the selected recipe, 1680px long edge with slight screen sharpening, ProPhoto profile).
-- Bernard, Lyon, France


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Re: Why are the previews of Capture One Pro of such low quality?
« Reply #141 on: November 01, 2019, 05:29:58 pm »

Hi Bernard,

That still means it could be Mac related, for I do not have these blurry previews on my Windows machines (did not with W7, and do not with W10). The Mac uses a different graphics pipeline that is partly integrated into the OS. That may also explain why it apparently takes a long time to address the issue.


I came across a Youtube video where the guy was using a Mac with 5K monitor.  He said that Macs default resolution setting is not the native monitor resolution but pixel doubled. To get i image pixel per monitor pixel you needed to set the resolution to the native monitor resolution. He showed his settings but strangely the native 5K setting was greyed out and not available although you could download a tool to set the resolution to 5K.  If Macs are using pixel doubling and or people are using different resolutions could this explain the problems with blurry previews that seem to impact Macs far more than Windows?  Windows always defaults to native monitor resolution.
If people on this thread could report their actual resolution settings, not the native monitor resolution, then a pattern could possibly emerge.
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