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Author Topic: 4x5 or 8x10 vs GFX50S vs 645Z vs XP100 vs Mamiya 7 HELP!! Going crazy!  (Read 11196 times)


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I own the following - XF100, the GFX and the Nikon D810.  The XF100 is my go to camera but I always take with me the 810 as a backup.  For my work, I almost  always use a tripod - 95%+.  For me, the files of the XF100 are much more workable than either the GFX or the 810.  Additionally, I like the extra pixels when I need to crop as I often like a square format - it just gives me more flexibility.  I do print large so that is a factor in my decision.  After shooting some with the GFX I don't see a huge benefit over the 810.  BTW, I bought the GFX to use when I didn't want to carry the heavy XF100 system.  From a user interface perspective, I find the XF100 to be the easiest camera to operate with the 810 coming in second.  I really don't like the GFX interface.  At the risk irritating a bunch of people, purchasing the GFX was a bit of a mistake for me.  Not because of the file quality but the incremental quality above the 810 is only marginal.  I have never shot 8x10 but if I had I likely would have done it to give me the best quality info to work with.  Other than cost, I can't image why you would choose a 50mp system.  Just my random thoughts!
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