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Need purchasing advice
« on: July 09, 2006, 03:40:28 am »

I am an amature photographer, not opposed to semi professional status should I be so lucky.  My subjects change as often as the weather so I need an all around great camera.  I started using the canon A1 and have lately started using a minolta maxum 700si.

My main reason for posting is to get some advice on how to go about purchasing a DSLR.  My decission is split between the 30D and D200.  I like the 30D because it has less noise at high ISO.  I like the D200 because it has higher MP.  The deciding factor will be twofold.  First, what camera has better and more cost friendly compatible glass.  Im on a budget of less than 2000 to start, but I will be expanding my lens selection later.  Second, Ill need to pick both up and fire a few frames to get an in hand feel.  

After I decide between the two, what is the most practical buying method.  Should I look for a kit or buy my lens and body seperately.  If I have to choose one lens to start what is a good choice.  Any other tips are greately appreciated.

Thank you all in advance,

PS where are the best deals on USA waranty items?
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