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Author Topic: Fixed Lens Compact Camera for Landscape Photography  (Read 16942 times)


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Re: Fixed Lens Compact Camera for Landscape Photography
« Reply #60 on: February 19, 2016, 05:48:12 pm »

many years ago, I used to take a 37mm equiv. compact camera (my only camera at that time) to my landscape explorations with me.
Now I'm using zoom lenses (24 - 120mm is my favourite range that suits me for most situations) for about 10 years.
My objects of interests are trees, plants, lakes, lakes with swans, old bridges, rails, little castle ruins, sunsets... taken mostly for joy.

I'm thinking of getting a fixed lens compact camera (28mm or 35mm ?) because of its size and weight and the great image quality at the same time. Something like Fujifilm X70 might be a choice for me.
But... is there a way back after so many years with zoom lenses? Does anybody have a similar experience with such a camera or using only one prime lens with a DSLR for landscape photography? Thanks.

You're opening a huge can of worms mate.  But I'll give you my experience.  I carried nothing but a 24mm, and a 70-200mm on my d810 for a few months in New Zealand. I didn't miss a single shot. That being said I would have missed one shot in Nepal with that set up and was happy to have my 50mm there when I needed it.  Out of those two lenses I carried 66% of my shots were on the 24mm.  So if I had to carry just one camera with a fixed lens, I'd probably strongly consider the Leica Q.  But I'd miss 44% of my shots...
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Re: Fixed Lens Compact Camera for Landscape Photography
« Reply #61 on: February 19, 2016, 06:32:58 pm »

fixed lens , landscape?
No doubts, the superior Foveon rendition.....dp1 or dp1 quattro.  Avoid the zooms, and avoid the autofocus.
Film cameras (13X18, 2,4X3,6), digital-foveon and digital-mosaic cameras.
Only manual focus lenses.
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