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Author Topic: C1 v9 and DNG converted from original raw format - still half baked ???  (Read 868 times)


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C1 v9 and DNG converted from original raw format (even with the fine print about " It must have the original RAW embeded
in the DNG" it seems to me that it actually works now better ___w/o___ the original raw embedded) - still half baked ???

not that I use converted DNG, but still

1) it seems (at least with Sony A7R2) that C1 v9 can now more or less properly work with DNGs, however

2) why WB is so different between when I use .ARW and when I use .DNG converted with Adobe DNG converter (recent version) ? I can match WB (visual) using WB picker, but UI values are quite different... not that it is a show stopper, but we are talking about the same software here, users might expect WB to be consistent in numbers... yes, we all know that converted DNG might not be exactly the same datawise as the original raw, but still... can't that be fixed ? other converters don't do that

3) optics correction... why with .ARW I can control % of "Distortion" in UI and with .DNG I can't ? with DNG it is like with ARW and "Distortion" = 0% (locked, can't change it) ... I am talking for example about FE55/1.8 lens on A7R2 and "Profile" = "Manufacturer Profile"... does this mean that C1 can't use the same optics correction information embedded by Sony in ARW that is now translated and embedded by Adobe in documented DNG tags ? " Note we do not support Adobe Lens or Color Profiles in this workflow" - from C1 release notes ... but then why in the world you still allow me to select "Profile" = "Manufacturer Profile" in the user interface in C1 if you in fact do not use it (DNG in question does not have the original raw file embedded during the conversion)...
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