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Author Topic: New "What's New" section  (Read 787 times)

Dave Millier

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New "What's New" section
« on: November 08, 2015, 08:15:25 am »

This is welcome and helpful. Thank you.

I think the new site is very effective, well done.

My only caveat is a minor quibble - As a web designer and UX tester, I think jerky auto-scrolling carousel sliders are an abomination  ;)  So much better to have them randomly select an image when the page loads and leave it up to the choice of the user whether to scroll through the offerings. It's a bad idea to take control away from the user - not to mention the accessibility issues.

I know everyone has an opinion about design but this is backed by a ton of careful usability studies.

Not to take anything away from what has developed into a very practical site for showcasing fine content.


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Kevin Raber

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Re: New "What's New" section
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2015, 09:33:38 am »

For years we had requests for home page images that you could click on and see larger.  We also had people that complained that they would sign on once every week or so and missed home page photos.  We gave the present design considerable thought in regards to answering the requests over the years.  We now post 4 new images 2 from Michael and 2 from me every 7-10 days.  You can roll over your mouse to see the title, maker and basic shooting data.  You can click in the upper right corner and see a larger size and scroll around to see detail.  Roll your mouse out of the larger image and it will shrink down to a small but larger size showing the whole image.  Most people look at the images, enlarge them and then moe onto the articles.  The scrolling images are not that bad as there is only 4 and once you scroll down to the articles you no longer see them.   After all the work that went into this new feature, we will be leaving it alone.  We have many PMs saying how much they liked it.  Plus we have added a gallery of Michael's and my images that were posted on the home page in case any were missed or new readers want to see them.
Kevin Raber
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