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Author Topic: 35mm Lens for Cambo Actus?  (Read 6721 times)


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Re: 35mm Lens for Cambo Actus?
« Reply #20 on: November 08, 2015, 03:14:09 am »

To alan_b when you mention some pieces to allow shifting of the Contax 645 glass, are you referring to a Mirex adapter?  Or is there some other part out there to do the job?

I'm making mounts to use my Arca 4x5 as a test rig first.  Next is modifying a Kipon shift adapter to have a C645 mount as a semi-permanent solution until I settle on a view camera platform.  (The Kipon is a copy of the Mirex - since I'm modifying it anyway, I can tune up any tolerance issues.)

Really, going with Pentax lenses would be the rational thing to do - shift adapters and Actus lens boards already exist.  I guess this is just an excuse to tinker!
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