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Author Topic: The Essay  (Read 8152 times)

Rob C

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Re: The Essay
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What have you concluded?

There is no conclusion; it's an ongoing situation where each separate snapper brings something new, something with which I may feel empathy or not. Mainly, I enjoy listening to guys who were already at the top of their game many years ago. That's not because I'm no spring chicken myself, it's because by the time they are old enough to have acquired the necessary patina of durable success they may also have acquired some wisdom, too, and that makes whatever they have to recount worth hearing.

Anyone too young, too famous right now, will not have also experienced enough of the downs to know what the business can be. It's really to do with wanting to know what makes some people I admire tick. It has absolutey nothing to do with wanting to know how they lit something etc. It's about minds, not techniques. Especially now: what could I care about tricks today, when all I want to do is satisfy my own limited desires still alive in this activity? That's the beauty of having done this stuff all my life: the buzz is all in the act of seeing something worthwhile and playing around with it. It has almost zero to do with equipment, of which the less the better just as long as one can do simply what one wants to do.

Rob C
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