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Author Topic: a7r II .... improving color fidelity?  (Read 10578 times)

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Re: a7r II .... improving color fidelity?
« Reply #20 on: August 28, 2015, 06:43:14 am »

I"m curious what it might take to find a correct filter to use to perhaps improve the color fidelity of the a7rII when shooting landscapes. I'm not saying the files are bad, they are great, but even though the dynamic range is great, I struggle getting things to look like I want them to when it comes to subtle color gradations as compared to my IQ180 files.

Hi Wayne,

I am with Erik, I don't think a filter is going to improve the a7RII's 'color fidelity'.  In fact it looks like its sensor should have pretty good color fidelity right off the bat for landscape applications, at least compared with most other current FF ILCs.  From

Nor do those measurements indicate that the greens should be any more muddled than those from competing cameras.  In fact they should be mostly as good or better.  By the same measure the IQ180 should do a little worse ...  Edmund?

So assuming correct WB in both cameras, I wonder if what looks to you as more subtle color gradations on the IQ180 when comparing images at the same display size is in fact just more/sharper tones as a result of having more pixels from a larger format - rendered by a mature profile to boot*.


*   When a new sensor comes out the generic profiles used in most stock raw converters are pretty sucky until they get around to fine tuning them a few weeks later.
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