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Author Topic: Nikon PC-E lenses on Fuji X  (Read 1179 times)

Eric Brody

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Nikon PC-E lenses on Fuji X
« on: May 10, 2015, 02:55:52 pm »

I am the proud owner of all three Nikon PC-E lenses and when I switched over most of my non-studio photography to the Fuji X-T-1, I thought it would be great to use these most interesting lenses with the Fuji. However, like many others who might have tried this, I realized that the control of the lens's aperture was done electronically by the Nikon camera, and there is no way to stop these lenses down when off a Nikon body. I discovered today, I doubt I'm the first, that if in live view, one sets an aperture, e.g. f/5.6 on the PC-E lens and then removes it from the camera without turning the camera off, the lens will retain the aperture! So, it appears to be possible to set the lens to f/5.6 or 8, a reasonable working aperture, remove it, and use it in the field with a Nikon-Fuji adapter. This is clearly less than ideal but the Fuji does allow one to manually focus with focus peaking and/or magnification so perhaps it might just work.

I'd be interested in finding out if anyone else has tried this and, if so, what were the results. I plan to try it this coming weekend on a photo trip and will report my results to the huge crowd that doubtless awaits such important information  :)
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