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 on: Today at 08:24:15 pm 
Started by plugsnpixels - Last post by Chris Kern
Topaz has just released version 5.5.0 of Gigapixel AI (free update for existing users). Here are the release notes:

Major Features

•AI engine has been brought into Gigapixel. This should greatly improve performance on modern hardware. . . .

This is a long overdue optimization.  It makes the application much more usable.  I suspect the competition from Adobe's new, fast Super Resolution tool in Photoshop provoked this.

 on: Today at 08:13:58 pm 
Started by Chris Kern - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
One might want to consider this post from Alan in response to one of Jeremy's posts before drawing any conclusions about why Alan finds it difficult to have an intelligent conversation:

It goes without saying that Alan's description does not reflect Jeremy's opinion of black people. It is a heinous accusation.

Since you went to the trouble to find and quote the “offending” post (thank you), perhaps it would have been fair to quote the reason for such a post? Namely, what in Jeremy’s earlier posts prompted Alan to say what he said. Which, to me, without seeing Jeremy’s arguments, sounds like an inference or conjecture, a reaction to the claim that certain state voting laws are designed to limit voting rights by requiring an ID. If so, Alan’s position shouldn’t be seen as  personally offensive to Jeremy, but simply as a political position shared by many in the Congress. Namely, that opposing the ID requirements on the grounds that certain segments of the black population might find it difficult to obtain it is in itself racist, as it presupposes that such a segment is too stupid to do so.

In any case, that’s my reading of the Alan’s quote you presented.

 on: Today at 07:44:08 pm 
Started by Endeavour - Last post by kers
I did have a quick look over that, but as I am sure you know, HP are awful for decommissioning web servers, so that old links dont work

+1 HP websites are a big mess.
and too bad they don't give the Z9 the support it needs to be the great printer it can be.

 on: Today at 07:43:11 pm 
Started by David Eckels - Last post by BAB
too bad you don't have room for a square format with the image of the fern having more room or somewhat smaller inside the frame, but anyway changing the background of the color image to a complementary color might look the best.
Like a Purple-RED

Yellow-green's complement is Red-purple, the two colors on either side of Red-purple are Purple and Red.

 on: Today at 07:28:02 pm 
Started by Endeavour - Last post by Endeavour
Pretty big thread from a long time ago - click here

I did have a quick look over that, but as I am sure you know, HP are awful for decommissioning web servers, so that old links dont work

 on: Today at 07:14:57 pm 
Started by Endeavour - Last post by Mark Lindquist
Pretty big thread from a long time ago - click here

 on: Today at 07:04:35 pm 
Started by EinstStein - Last post by EinstStein
The current top notch Sony TV has 85" x 8K resolution. Can it display 47MP, 50MP, or 100MP?

If print to 300dpi or 288dpi, it takes 24"or wider printer. Considering the costs or paper and ink, it would be too expensive unless limit to <1% of the shots.

It's not a problem for people making money by selling photo prints, but for majority, I can't see how to enjoy the high MP digital camera.

 on: Today at 06:54:32 pm 
Started by Jeremy Roussak - Last post by digitaldog
I am not backtracking or trying to squirm out of anything. I am categorically denying that I said or implied that Officer Sicknick was killed by Capitol insurrectionists, which is a patently false charge you have leveled against me.
This is the new tactic (patently false charge) from Alan after telling us we called him a liar which was equally an patently false charge.

 on: Today at 06:12:20 pm 
Started by david.westphal - Last post by david.westphal
I am selling a Schneider 120mm F5.6 N lens with alpa mount.  This lens is the N version which I believe is the older style.  It is a short barrel lens so a spacer would be needed to mount to the Alpa camera.  It is rarely used and is in perfect condition other than the dust from sitting around...  I am asking $2500 for the lens.  If you would like to use PayPal, I will add 5% to the cost to cover their fees.  Shipping is not included. 

 on: Today at 06:12:12 pm 
Started by Chris Kern - Last post by Chris Kern
You do realize you are participating in an Alan Klein vs. the World series on your own volition?

Excellent point.  Much of this repetitive bickering serves nobody's interest, except, perhaps, to keep the respective bickerers occupied.

Alan represents a common man's views on the matter, his views are not extreme politically, and definitely is not dishonest.

I quite agree, at least with your first two arguments.  He articulates a certain perspective that is representative of almost half the voting population of the United States, and which deserves to be heard and understood by the other half.  (I have no personal exposure to people who share that perspective, so I read all—well, maybe almost all—his posts, however fatuous and repetitive they may be.)

With respect to dishonest, I can't tell.  He asserts as facts many things that are obviously untrue, and when confronted with contrary and sometimes incontrovertible evidence, keeps repeating them.  But it doesn't matter whether he is intentionally making things up or is just confused: either way, he represents an important segment of current public opinion in the United States.

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