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SET data = SUBSTRING('\r\nvar smf_themeInfo = {\r\n 3014: {\r\n name: \'ProCurve\',\r\n desc: \'ProCurve
Curve and ProSilver had a baby.

This theme mixes various parts of Curve and Prosilver together just for the fun of it.

License :
Font Awesome License -

SMF Version :

Patch Notes :

Initial Release
Bug Fix : No longer hides the user panel for small screens.
Adjustment: Adjusted the last post section on smaller screens to follow the theme better.
Adjustment: Hides news under 720px.
Update : Updated for SMF 2.1.3
Updated for SMF 2.1.4 and the Attachment UI changes.
Adjusted the background colors for various moderation specific styles.
New Feature: Added a grey theme varient. Similar to ProSilver SE.
Update: Updated Font-Awesome to the latest version(6.4).
Adjustment: Adjusted some text and link colors in the ACP.
Adjustment: Adjusted the ACP menu background color.
Adjustment: Moved the location of the Page Creation time text.
Adjustment: Adjusted the dropmenu background color.
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 3026: {\r\n name: \'Burnt\',\r\n desc: \'Burnt
A dark burnt looking responsive theme
\"\" \"\"

Patch Notes:
1.0 : Initial Release
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 3025: {\r\n name: \'Chakra\',\r\n desc: \'Chakra
Chakra is a light multicolor mellow tone SMF theme.

Responsive Design
Social Links
MultiColor with a color switcher
Remixed Footer
Separated Sticky/Normal topics in the message index


SMF Version:

Patch Notes:
1.0 : Initial Release
New Feature: Added Teal, Orange, Yellow, and Purple color variations.
New Feature: Added an enable/disable for the color switch in theme settings.
Adjustment: Adjusted the pop up window heading text color.
Adjustment: Removed the un-needed border on the info_center title bar.
Adjustment: Removed un-needed files.

Adjustment: Adjusted the quote box background color for some of the color variations.
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 3024: {\r\n name: \'Repulse\',\r\n desc: \'
Free & Premium Themes for SMF


\"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"

Developed by: Diego Andrés
Based on: Pulse by MLM

  • FontAwesome
  • Social Networks
  • Logo URL
  • Forum Width
  • Separate sticky topics
  • Avatars
    • Boards
    • Topics
    • Online Users
    • Recent Posts
  • Remove Menu Items
  • Remove Menu Icons

Demo Online
GitHub\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'Diego Andrés\'\r\n },\r\n 1584: {\r\n name: \'Colossus\',\r\n desc: \' For questions related to themes   
Sorularınız için

Burak Demircan 2o1o ..\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'«['BrKDmRcN']»\'\r\n }\r\n};\r\nvar smf_featured = 3014;\r\nvar smf_random = 1584;\r\nvar smf_latestThemes = [3026, 3025, 3024];\r\nfunction smf_themesMoreInfo(id)\r\n{\r\n window.smfLatestThemes_temp = document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\").innerHTML;\r\n\r\n // !!! Why not just always auto?\r\n document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\").style.overflow = \"auto\";\r\n setInnerHTML(document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\"),\r\n \'\\\r\n

\' + smf_themeInfo[id].name + \'


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\\\r\n \"\"\\\r\n
\' + smf_themeInfo[id].desc.replace(/\\\r\n
\\\r\n \');\r\n}\r\n\r\nfunction smf_themesBack()\r\n{\r\n document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\").style.overflow = \"\";\r\n setInnerHTML(document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\"), window.smfLatestThemes_temp);\r\n window.scrollTo(0, findTop(document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\")) - 10);\r\n}\r\n\r\nwindow.smfLatestThemes = \'\\\r\n
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\\\r\n \'+smf_themeInfo[smf_featured].name + \' by \' + smf_themeInfo[smf_featured].author+\'\\\r\n

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