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Title: Tripod Reviewing Really Right Stuff TVC-24L and FLM CP30-L3S and INDURO CT 314
Post by: cengell on April 23, 2015, 04:40:40 pm
Hello all, I wanted to find the BEST carbon Tripod at under $1000 and me at 6 FT tall wanted to find 2-3 tripods that fit that requirement so I choose. I plan the report the quality inside and out and how well it works and MOST important how stable they are. I just received these 3 today for testing.

INDURO CARBON 8X-CT314 $550.00
RRS TVC-24L $935.00
FLM CP30-L3S $750.00

So please reply if you would be interested in some info on how they compare and stability and what I liked and not.