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Title: Aperture-Dead?? Not related to move to OS X Photos
Post by: ThomasR99 on April 13, 2015, 11:36:05 pm
SO I fired up Aperture today after a couple of months away from using it.  I haven't updated my OS X version (10.6.8...I know, I know), Aperture version (3.2.4) or the underlying Digital Camera Raw version (3.24.0) recently.  Nor have I updated firmware nor camera (5D-III, firmware 1.02 or something like that). No hardware changes to the computer other words, everything (far as I know) is exactly the same as the last time I successfully used it.

Aperture will import images I just took this past weekend, but refuses to CLEARLY show them in the Main or Secondary window, only in the preview (Browser) bar in split view.  By clearly I mean in focus, sharp and clear (and yes, they are properly focused based on what I see in Preview).  It also states the image was adjusted using an earlier version of Apples RAW processing.  Not possible since they were just taken Saturday and downloaded to the computer yesterday.  My basic workflow is no different, either (download, first cull of the throwaways, more careful selection of those I back up (copy into a new folder reserved for pending backups) then move to their 'permanent' home file before opening Aperture and importing).  If I click the 'reprocess' button, then I get a blank preview with the "unsupported image format' warning.

The other weird thing is even the majority of images that exist in current project files, that I have made numerous adjustments to in the past, don't respond to any changes made through the Adjustments panel today.  I tried moving a variety of sliders, converting to B/W etc and the image displayed doesn't change.  Nor, for most, does the histogram show.  Although as my cursor moves through the image the R-G-B values change correspondingly, so some part of Aperture is 'seeing' the image.  Now and then I found a random image that will display a histogram, and a few others that do respond to the adjustment sliders, but we're talking less than 10% of them, in various project files. ???

So before I spend a lot of time following dead ends, any ideas as to where I should start?  I have my original Aperture CD so I could reinstall and re-update to 3.2.4 again if that seems to be consensus on where to start.  But I'm stumped as to where to begin.  Any advice is appreciated.  If screen shots of what I see or don't see would help let me know.
Title: Re: Aperture-Dead?? Not related to move to OS X Photos
Post by: BobShaw on April 14, 2015, 12:55:08 am
My first step would be to hold down CMD and OPT keys and double click the Aperture Library.
Title: Re: Aperture-Dead?? Not related to move to OS X Photos
Post by: Chairman Bill on April 14, 2015, 06:57:15 am
My first step would be a permissions repair & a restart
Title: Re: Aperture-Dead?? Not related to move to OS X Photos
Post by: ThomasR99 on April 14, 2015, 09:36:53 pm
Thank you both, the permissions repair seems to have done the trick.  I was hoping it would be something simple and straightforward like that.  I have pretty robust backups (images on stand-alone device, system in Time Machine on portable HDD), but really didn't want to have to go that route.  I gotta admit I'm not good about exporting versions, so *if* I'd lost my versions about 2/3 of my work would have been lost.  I'll get better at that now once I'm at a point I like an image.  I hesitate to export versions some time bcz I always think once I get better at post processing overall I can go back and make it even better... ;D

Anyway, all seems well for now, so thanks again!  Hoping I can milk this OS/version for quite a bit longer, I love the Aperture environment and while some have recommended C1 as a good alternate, I'm not quite ready to give up on A just yet...