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Title: [SOLD] 65mm f4.5 Nikon [true] macro lens [SOLD]
Post by: Robert DeCandido PhD on January 28, 2015, 08:16:28 am
[SOLD] I acquired this Nikon macro lens in 2006 from a fellow who had been working at MIT (USA) for many years and was closing his lab. He had obtained it in 1998 or so, along with the entire Nikon macrophot package. He was selling a couple of the macro Nikkors, and I purchased the 65mm 4.5 and the 120mm f6.3. (I sold the 120mm F6.3 lens in May 2011 here at LuLa: )

[SOLD] This 65mm f4.5 Nikon Macro lens is in almost mint shape. It has the original Nikon front (screw in metal). The metal top cap says: "NIKKOR Japan". It is a true macro (not micro) lens by Nikon designation.

It has the yellow band and writing: Macro-NIKKOR 1:4.5 f = 65mm. The serial number is 68356. It has absolute mint glass, front and rear - and no sign of dust or anything else (fungus for example) when held up to the light. The body is mint except for some wear on the focus ring.

You can use this lens on a Canon body (I have) as well as Sony/Pentax - with the appropriate adapter.

The problem with a lens like this is how to value it? It comes up so infrequently on the used market... How about $1525 including shipping and Paypal in the continental USA. If you use Paypal gift, deduct 2.9% (so total $1475).

I am willing to sell to certain parts of Europe and Asia - contact me directly.

Robert DeCandido PhD
Here is info about this lens:

and especially, Dr. Klaus Schmitt's web site on macro lenses (and UV/IR lenses):