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Title: Yosemite - Gradient tool banding....
Post by: aaron on October 11, 2014, 05:00:45 am
This isn't a critique of kevin's Yosemite cover image which is excellent!

I am wondering if there's a solution to avoiding the banding seen in the top corners of this image.
It's an issue I have when using the gradient tool and is most obvious on monochrome images such as this.
Anyone shooting studio portraits on a grey background will be familiar with this banding also.

It seems like an obvious issue which would have been sorted in the early days of digital editing but I've yet to see the solution...


Title: Re:
Post by: Torbjörn Tapani on October 11, 2014, 09:04:51 am
Just some general thoughts. Shoot raw, do the biggest adjustments in raw converter, work in 16 bits, never use a selection (8 bits)  but use masks and channels(16 bit) in PS, add some noise on offending area for dithering.
Title: Re: Yosemite - Gradient tool banding....
Post by: Wayne Fox on October 11, 2014, 08:23:22 pm
banding seems pretty minimal considering it's a web jpeg, which can certainly be problematic in many areas.  Not really a "gradient tool" issue, more about smooth gradients no matter how they were created.  this image appears to have a little vignetting darkening the corner, whether it was in post or just the lens not sure.

As mentioned best solution is staying in 16bits (which you can't do when you make a web jpeg, thus the problem).

Sort of a last resort thing to try with banding is adding a little noise to the image ....
Title: Re: Yosemite - Gradient tool banding....
Post by: Kevin Raber on October 11, 2014, 10:28:29 pm
The print of this is fantastic.  Those that know me like Wayne, know I am pretty picky when making  print.  A 16 bit tiff holds all the subtle tones and there is no banding.  What you are seeing is what happens going to a screen resolution image.  The image was sized down and then saved for web in photoshop.  Sometimes you can't see issues, sometimes when you have an image like this you do.  There are very subtle tones in the reflection too.  This is one of those must see a print to really appreciated it images.

Kevin Raber
Title: Re: Yosemite - Gradient tool banding....
Post by: Garry Sarre on October 12, 2014, 02:47:03 am
Torbjorn. I didn't know selections were 8 bit only. I have been getting some banding in my 16 bit tiffs when vignetting with the lasso selection tool at say... 250 px. Although, I am pretty sure vignetting in the RAW extraction stage in Adobe RAW can do it too, especially since the shadow areas have less information than the mids and highlights. My solution has been retouching it out afterwards.

So, masks you say...